Over 30 food carts are being displaced by the upcoming closure of four local food cart pods.

PRP.FM food cart correspondent Steven Shomler will follow the journey of one: The Love Belizean Food Cart. Steven will keep  listeners up to
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Fruit Beer Festival

Beer Week starts in Portland today — bringing beer brewers, beer drinkers and beer aficionados from far and wide.

For starters, Beer Week kicks off with a music event: live music by your favorite brewers on Ecliptic’s new patio.

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Whole Foods grocery stores have often been called Whole Paycheck because of high prices. But now Whole Foods is partnering with a Portland woman who brings affordable, nutritious food to what are called food deserts; parts of any city not … Continue Reading

This just in! PRP is critically examining the latest ice cream innovation, in this case a new cocktail-inspired line up of treats from Salt and Straw. We consider it our Tasty Thursday duty.

Wanted: Ice Cream Taste Testers

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Portland Food Cart Stories

PRP.FM now has an official food cart correspondent: author Steven Shomler, who recently published his first book, “Portland Food Cart Stories.”

Now, on Tasty Thursdays, Steven will pop into the PRP.FM  studio with the latest food cart news … Continue Reading

Portland's Best Pilsner

Portland’s Best Pilsners According to the Ghost of a Dead Beer Sommelier

Hitting 70 degrees last week for the first time since late last summer, Portland’s population doubled overnight as hordes of jort-sportin’, mayonnaise-skin-flaunting, locals filled all available outside seats … Continue Reading

Winter is the season to stay toasty — so raise your glass to this offer from eight Carlton, Oregon establishments, inviting you to experience Carlton Winter Wine Tasting and Bites, a wine-filled tour of six tasting rooms. Choose one

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Mmmm. A mildly deceptive nose, given the fruit notes that follow, with layers of oak, then a delightful and lingering finish. Sounds like somebody’s been wine tasting. Nope. Beer and whiskey tasting. The line between the two grows less distinct … Continue Reading

Crab fishermen are bringing their pots to port along the Oregon Coast starting this morning, as a delayed crab season finally gets underway. Until now, the fresh crab you could buy at grocery stores (if you could afford it) was … Continue Reading

Pizza at Kerns Kitchen

Sure. Creating, chopping, slicing, dicing, plating, serving, tasting, planning, baking, pickling, sweating, shouting, talking, strategizing…. all those “ing” things. Sleeping is probably not among them. Dropping by the newly updated Bakery Bar to what now is Kerns Kitchen in NE … Continue Reading

Would you be more polite if your restaurant offered a courtesy discount? A cafe on the French Riviera is training customers to ask nicely, by giving them a discount for mannerly ordering.

For example, if you say, “Un café,” you’ll … Continue Reading

Pie Crust

Every holiday chefs everywhere strive for the perfect pie crust: flaky, tender, tasty. NOT tooth-crackingly tough and flavorless. Over Thanksgiving, Rebecca experimented with the relatively new theory from Cook’s Illustrated, which claims a certain surprise ingredient makes all the difference. … Continue Reading

The Environmental Working Group is out with a Holiday Healthy Food Guide. It emphasizes choosing food relatively free of added chemicals, and avoiding potentially toxic chemicals in cookware (like Teflon), storing and reheating leftovers safely.

Here’s the EWG list.

Circle of Friends Photo

Do you order a summer produce basket? It’s so Portland: local and organic. Just ask Circle of Friends Farm.

Austin Moline, gentleman farmer, captured the kohlrabi moment:

The Dump Truck

Portland, long known for out-of-the-box eats, now has out-of-the-dumpling snacks making a splash. Eat Street – the Cooking Channel’s nod to curbside cuisine – will feature The Dump Truck, Portland’s dumpling cart, on Thursday.

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Deschutes Brewery BBQ tent

The smell of BBQ keeps wafting through the air here at the Waterfront Blues Festival. It speaks to us. Resistance is futile. If you’re looking for Sean Marten, it’s a safe bet he’s over at the Deschutes Brewery … Continue Reading

Get ready for mouths to water as the historic Hollywood Theatre joins forces with the International Pancake Film Festival (IPFF) to host an unforgettable night of film shorts dedicated to the beloved breakfast food. Admission includes a short stack. It’s … Continue Reading