With his 10th album “New Money”, Logan Lynn continues to delight with an electro-pop sensibility that offers both a glimpse into his soul and a chance to celebrate on the dance floor. And we most definitely celebrated the opportunity to … Continue Reading


Thanks for joining me last Monday night. Here is the playlist from 4/26:

  1. “The Darkness That You Fear” by The Chemical Brothers
  2. “longlost” by Luvjonez*
  3. “Cape Town Jan. 12” by Nuage & Ian Urbina
  4. “Tadlo – Tenere Remix” by
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Thank you for joining me last Monday for a nicely chilled out set of electronic music, downtempo, loft, nu jazz and more! Here is the playlist:

  1. “Oh.” by Tyde
  2. “Memories in the Moonlight” by Good Lee & Jade Alice
  3. “Throw
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We spent some time chatting with local electronic producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Kmeto and we couldn’t be happier.

Natasha’s music is personal, intentional and truly alive. Her “less is more approach” draws the listener in while artfully showcasing her … Continue Reading