The wonderful, warm and talented founders of the Portland-based band Starover Blue stopped in to play us some tunes and talk about their upcoming show during a Drop-In Session at the studio this week. Partnered duo Kendall Sallay-Milotz (vocals and … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover! Best show ever!

So glad for all the action on the Talk Board – I love hearing how much you love this amazing music! Thank you for tuning in today. Without you, I would just be playing … Continue Reading

Phew, last Friday’s show was a barn burner!
So grateful to everyone who tuned in for the special 4 hour show!

Here are both playlists:

Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 115
January 3, 2020

Victor’s Bossa by Moderator
Tiger … Continue Reading

Yo, yo, yo – or should I say, “ho, ho, ho”! 🎅😁

What it is, Beautiful Music Lover? Can you believe that 2019 is coming to an end? What a whirlwind of a wild ride. And on the music front … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover,

It is always such a delight to play music for you! I hope you were able to tune in to Friday’s show. It is the last time I will be on the air in 2019!

Here’s to … Continue Reading

As you can see from the photo, which is a screenshot of my Chromebook Insta control deck, Fresh Spins with Jen Em is on the Instagram! You can follow the show at @freshspinswithjenem, if you’re inclined to participate in such … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover,

If you’ve  heard my show, you probably know what I’m over-arcingly about: music and self-actualization. Call it whatever word that feels comfortable for you, but you know, that I over and above want you to love yourself, … Continue Reading

Oh, my dear Beautiful Music Lover, sometimes we just want the music to be good and to not have to think about it, don’t we? I’ve got a series of helpful playlists that can do just that for you. I’ve … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover, if you caught the show today, (which ended up being an extended show, yeah!!) you know that the ideal way to listen to all this tasty goodness is right here on PRP. But if you happened to … Continue Reading

Greetings and Salutations from beautiful Mount Tabor!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope that you found so, so, so many reasons to give thanks, Beautiful Music Lover. I hope you got a full belly and were surrounded by love, support … Continue Reading

Oh man, the grooves were deep this week. This is gonna be a playlist I’m gonna wanna hear again, (and you know me, Superfans; I am a high-novelty seeking individual!)

Dig this –
The 110th episode, right here

See ya … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover, even the radio gods seek balance! After episode 108’s extended play of 38 juicy new jams, episode 109 was a paltry 21 songs long! However long or short, Fresh Spins is always super chill, super smooth and … Continue Reading

Maybe you’re fairly new to Fresh Spins with Jen Em. Welcome! All are welcome here, in this Beautiful Music Lovin’ space. Or maybe you’re a long-time fan, and just can’t get enough Freshness in your musical life.

To help you … Continue Reading

On a whim, I started putting together a playlist of songs that have at some point gotten stuck in my head on a loop, Beautiful Music Lover. It’s starting small, because I’m remembering them a little at a time.

The … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

What a great show. It was wonderful sharing music with Allyn, Amy, Doug, Brad, ocjo, nmek, Rebecca and allll you Beautiful Music Lovers out there. We went almost an hour over the show’s original allotted time so … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover – Lord Almighty. I went and did it. After a second music artist asked me if I had an instagram for the show in the same day, I trotted over and made a page. I even figured … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

Friend and Superfan of the show, Brad – aka pnun – has suggested a rad idea for a Fresh Spins t-shirt that says “Beautiful Music Lover” on it. I would love to make that happen!

My first … Continue Reading

Hello, Hello, Beautiful Music Lover!

I really enjoyed playing such awesome new music and a couple of “What Jen Em was listening to back in the early 2000s” tracks on last Friday’s show. I feel very grateful to everyone who … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

I hope you enjoyed Friday’s show. Beautiful music – I am so grateful for the bounty of it, how it pours into my experience and colors my world, like the soundtrack to my personal movie.

Enjoy these … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

I’ve just been to the coast for a wonderful respite with my good friends. Running on the beach before sunrise, sitting by the fire in a cushioned rocking chair, listening to music, impromptu dance parties, watching the … Continue Reading