Maybe you’re fairly new to Fresh Spins with Jen Em. Welcome! All are welcome here, in this Beautiful Music Lovin’ space. Or maybe you’re a long-time fan, and just can’t get enough Freshness in your musical life.

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On a whim, I started putting together a playlist of songs that have at some point gotten stuck in my head on a loop, Beautiful Music Lover. It’s starting small, because I’m remembering them a little at a time.

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Beautiful Music Lover!

What a great show. It was wonderful sharing music with Allyn, Amy, Doug, Brad, ocjo, nmek, Rebecca and allll you Beautiful Music Lovers out there. We went almost an hour over the show’s original allotted time so … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover – Lord Almighty. I went and did it. After a second music artist asked me if I had an instagram for the show in the same day, I trotted over and made a page. I even figured … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

Friend and Superfan of the show, Brad – aka pnun – has suggested a rad idea for a Fresh Spins t-shirt that says “Beautiful Music Lover” on it. I would love to make that happen!

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Hello, Hello, Beautiful Music Lover!

I really enjoyed playing such awesome new music and a couple of “What Jen Em was listening to back in the early 2000s” tracks on last Friday’s show. I feel very grateful to everyone who … Continue Reading

Beautiful Music Lover!

I hope you enjoyed Friday’s show. Beautiful music – I am so grateful for the bounty of it, how it pours into my experience and colors my world, like the soundtrack to my personal movie.

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Beautiful Music Lover!

I’ve just been to the coast for a wonderful respite with my good friends. Running on the beach before sunrise, sitting by the fire in a cushioned rocking chair, listening to music, impromptu dance parties, watching the … Continue Reading

Fresh Spins with Jen Em DJ hat

Beautiful Music Lover!

Yesterday’s show was sooo chill and so wonderful. I super dug it. And I super enjoyed talking to all the Beautiful Music Lovers on the Talk Board!

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Jen Em at PRP Studios, Zidell Yards

Beautiful Music Lover!

We’re in the new studio at Zidell Yards and man, it is GREAT! I super love our new home. And the music that has been rolling outta there … well, we’re the most musically diverse station in … Continue Reading


The new station is coming together, and live shows will be back on the air soon! I cannot wait to play all the new music I have been collecting and curating over the past couple of weeks as we transitioned … Continue Reading