No time to write. Must get down to Day 4 of the Blues Fest! Lets see what I can spit out in the next 13 minutes:

Arrived midday. Parked my bike near the main entrance, about a block away where I could shoot an intro. Walked in, bumped into a chick I know, not yet on the gal-pal level. Spent the next hour or so (two beers’ length of time), standing around, chit-chatting with her and her male comrade. Fun lady! Once I can figure out if her name is Brandy or Randy, we can be pals. By the time I got my camera out again, a man named Sugaray Rayford was on the First Tech Stage. A true showman, he made me smile.

Was joined by a gal pal, Marneet (aka Miss Earth Oregon – going to nationals this week)! Decided we should check out the Blues Cruise. Hopped aboard the Portland Spirit, which quickly filled to capacity.

As our ship pulled away from Waterfront Park, asked one of the staff members, “What time do we land?”


Oye, that’s late! Despite our immediate impulse to escape, accepted our fate. The remainder of our time was making laps from the bar to any one of the decks, each with their own vibe of danceable Blues bands. One of them was Sugaray and his gang! He doesn’t know it yet, but Sugaray Rayford has a couple new singers. We were totally backing him on his Beans and Cornbread song.

By the end of the two hour journey up and down the Willamette, running low on steam, we were resting our tootsies at a group of tables. Some of our fellow passengers were dozing nearby. Must’ve been dreaming about the Blues…

Gotta jet. You know where.

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