They were “just another band out of Boston.”

Although Boston has yet to be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (their annual snub has become a joke among music industry insiders) — Boston was, and continues to be, one of the most powerful and progressive bands to emerge from the 1970’s.

And they’re still going strong.

Officially launched on February 1, 1976, Boston is about to celebrate four decades of powerful, guitar-driven harmonies with a 2016 North American tour. (No word on a Portland date yet, but fingers crossed).

Boston’s story began in a Watertown, Massachusetts basement. Founder Tom Scholz built a studio there with his own hard-earned cash. A few friends, including Boston’s original lead vocalist, Brad Delp, began recording. Long story short — a demo was produced, a contract with Epic records followed, and in August 1976, this song took the world by storm.

In case you missed the number below the video. The above version of More Than a Feeling has nearly 45 million views on You Tube. 45 million.

Fast-forward to November 21, 1978. Another freelance interview assignment for me. Lead singer Brad Delp and I sat down in his hotel room near the Capital Centre in Largo, Maryland, prior to Boston’s sold-out arena gig.

Delp fronted the band during its most commercially successful albums: Boston, Don’t Look Back and Third Stage. He also had several side projects, most notably Beatlejuice, a Beatles’ tribute band that performed all over New England.

Beatlejuice, as you’ll see in the clip below, was an amazing group.

In the end (early March 2007), Brad Delp left the planet by his own choice. The rock and roll community, the band, Boston’s fans, and all of New England were stunned and saddened.

The day of his death, Boston’s website posted a simple message.


Brad Delp’s legacy lives on. His two children started a non-profit in his name. The Brad Delp Foundation was created for the purpose of carrying on his legacy of compassion, generosity and kindness.


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