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Big thanks to everyone who tuned in to Beat | Side tonight!

I am airing on the safe side and staying home for the next few weeks, but I want the beats to go on! So at least for the next couple of weeks we’ll be re-airing past episodes.

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show, which originally aired on March 1st.

  1. “Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack
  2. “Good Cop, Bad Cop” by Everything But The Girl
  3. “Time Is the Enemy” by Quantic
  4. “Belfast” by Orbital
  5. “Purrfect” by Funki Porcini
  6. “Alberto Balsalm” by Aphex Twin
  7. “It Could Be Sweet” by Portishead
  8. “Little Fluffy Clouds” by The Orb
  9. “Sure Thing” by St Germain
  10. “Hell Is Round The Corner” by Tricky
  11. “Protection” by Massive Attack

Thanks again! I hope to be back on the air soon!

Be safe! Be well! Stay home if you can!

We will make it through this together.

Hugs to all!


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