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Beat | Side Playlist from October 26th

Hi all! Thank you for joining me last Monday for another episode of beat | side, where you can hear the best in electronic music, downtempo, lof-fi, trip-hop, nu jazz, drum’n’bass, and more!

Here is the playlist from October 26th:

  1. “Awaken” by Big Wild
  2. “So Much Sometimes” by Arms and Sleepers
  3. “SWIM” by Mild Minds
  4. “Gordon” by Teebs
  5. “Mountain” by Nosaj Thing
  6. “Maybe Monday” by KAASI
  7. “Someone Else” by Alix Perez
  8. “better things” by Ymori, Pueblo Vista
  9. “About Her” by Phazz
  10. “Wolf” by Darkstar
  11. “Atlas” by Bicep
  12. “Xtal” by Aphex Twin
  13. “Stay and Wander” by Tom Doolie, Cap Kendrics
  14. “Eden” by Sevdaliza
  15. “Night Lake” by Jorje Lloyd
  16. “Pain Goes Away” by Refs
  17. “Carpe Noctem” by Sorrow

Thank you! Join me next time!


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