Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Beat | Side, where you will hear some of the best in electronic music, downtempo, trip hop, lo-fi, nu jazz, drum’n’bass, and more! Tune in every Monday at 8!

Here is the playlist from October 19th:

  1. “Oceans” by RY X, Ólafur Arnalds
  2. “Deliverance” by Romare
  3. “Got to Tell You” by Model Man
  4. “Fruit&Sun” by ford.
  5. “Rainy Nights” by Azaleh
  6. Cupa Cupa by Parra for Cuva
  7. “So” by HNNY
  8. “Don’t Wait” by Bonobo
  9. “Forgotten” by Jim-E Stack
  10. “Guts” by Korgy & Bass (local artist)
  11. “Clandestine” by Eckle
  12. “Colors” by The Geek x Vrv
  13. “Awakenings – Marley Carroll Remix” by Emancipator & Marley Carroll (local artist)
  14. “Reflect” by Max Cooper
  15. “Change” by TSHA & Gabrielle Aplin
  16. “Haul – Radio Edit” by Christian Löffler, Mohna

Please join me again next week!


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