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beat | side Playlist from March 1st

Thanks for tuning in to another beat | side, where you can hear some of the best in electronic music, downtempo, loft, nu jazz, dub step and more!

Here is the latest playlist:

  1. “With, Beside, Against – Hania Rani Remix” by Portico Quartet
  2. “Fade” by George Maple
  3. “Overgrown” by Aleksandir
  4. “Like That” by Lenny De Luca
  5. “The One with the Emoticon” by Seb Wildblood
  6. “Orissa” by Wayward
  7. “Thanks for Listening” by Memorex Memories
  8. “Wait” by Nuages
  9. “Ketones” by Model Man
  10. “Slow Hours” by weird inside
  11. “Me & My Heart” by Christopher Port
  12. “Walking Words” by Lapalux
  13. “Apollo – Edit” by Tourist
  14. “Nudge” by Glance, Nokia, goosetaf
  15. “Smokey” by Crate Diggers
  16. “By Your Side” by Sofia Kourtesis
  17. “Farewell- Amtrac Rapid Remix” by UNKLE, Amtrac, Ysée, ESKA, Elliott Power +

Thanks – till next week!


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