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Beat | Side Playlist from January 25th

Thank you all for tuning in for another set of electronica, downtempo, trip hop, nu jazz and more! Join me every Monday from 8-9.

Here is the playlist from Jan 25th

  1. “Angels (Thievery Corporation Remix)” by Wax Poetic & Norah Jones
  2. “How to Navigate” by Little People
  3. “Kiara” by Bonobo
  4. “PianoJazz” by DJ Harrison
  5. “Blood Type” by Turtle & Eliza Shaddad
  6. “Universal Beings, Pt. 2” by Makaya McCraven
  7. “Ride” by Barra Brown & ePP – local artists
  8. “Motions” by Mansur Brown
  9. “Nocturnal Lady” by Noé Solange
  10. “Guardian” by Doubutsu System
  11. “You’ve Changed” by Teebs
  12. “Starlight” by Embee
  13. “Painted Wolf” by O’Flynn
  14. “Smokey” by Crate Diggers
  15.  “Animal” by Fakear
  16. “Loud Places” by Jamie xx & Romy
  17. “Every Little Thing” by Slow Corpse – local artists

Till next time!


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