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beat | side Playlist from February 8th

Thank you for joining me for another evening of electronica, downtempo, nu jazz, loft and more! Here is the playlist, packed full of new releases:

  1. “Foxglove” by Tor
  2. “Gone for a Rip” by Emancipator, Asher Fulero, Dab Records – local artists
  3. “Sahara” by Emancipator, Asher Fulero, Dab Records – local artists
  4. “Nest – Portico Quartet Remix” by Portico Quartet, Hania Rani
  5. “you and everything of everything” by RAHM
  6. “Book” by Laxcity
  7. “lagged – Yppah Remix” by Natasha Kmeto – local artist
  8. “Elevation” by Saib, Atlantic Chill
  9. “Sunset Radio” by Memorex Memories
  10. “La Perla – Edit” by Sofia Kourtesis
  11. “Rose Rouge – Nightmares on Wax ReRub” by St. Germain
  12. “Like We Used To” by MKSTN
  13. “Going Back – Oxia & Miss Kittin Remix” by Popof, Animal and Me, Arno Joey
  14. “Thing” by Lenny De Luca, Anothr
  15. “His Rope” by Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke
  16. “Good Medicine” by Hosannas – local artists

Thank you!

Till next time.


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