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Beat | Side Playlist from December 14

Thanks for tuning to another episode of beat |side! Here is the playlist from Monday, December 15:

  1. “Apology” by Darius & Wayne Snow
  2. “Okay” by Slow Corpse*
  3. “Ode to Love” by Tour-Maubourg
  4. “Notice – Moods Remix” by Taku, Moods
  5. “Feral – letherette Remix” by Elder Island
  6. “Existential Celebration – Kelpe Remix” by Photay, Kelpe
  7. “Cold Open – Edit” by Affelaye
  8. “Tide (feat. Andreya Triana) by Henry Green, Andreya Triana
  9. “South Street” by Brutalist
  10. “Feel” by Matt Ryder
  11. “Far from Home” by Goddard
  12. “Awake” by Rosehip
  13. “Ahhh” by BAILE
  14. “Urban Velvet” by Metaform
  15. “Return” by Knowmadic
  16. “Digital Autumn” by Plasmoid*

Thank you all!

I’ll be back on the air on December 28th for my last show of the year!


*Local Artist

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