Beat | Side Playlist

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Beat | Side, where you can hear a nicely chilled set of electronica, downtempo, lo-fi, nu-jazz and drum’n’bass.

Here is the latest playlist:

  1. “All Day” by Knowmadic
  2. “Alone” by Model Man
  3. “Band in the Box” by Joey Pecoraro
  4. “Petrified” by Flunk
  5. “SWIM – ford. Remix” by Mild Minds, ford.
  6. “Psyclops” by Korgy & Bass and Cyrus Nabipoor
  7. “She Goes Out Of Focus” by Catching Flies
  8. “Day 2: Feeling” by Tom Misch and Novelist
  9. “Folds” by Feverkin and Koresma
  10. “Final Days – Bonobo Remix” by Michael Kiwanuka and Bonobo
  11. “Starlight” by Embee
  12. “Origin Myth” by Hiatus
  13. “Jet Lag” by Ivy Lab
  14. “Violet” by Tourist

Till next time!


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