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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Beat Side! We dove deep into trip-hop, the musical style by which I came to appreciate electronic music. I love the the dark, moody, haunting feel that trip-hop offers. Always a great mood setter.

Below is the playlist:

  1. “Hiding Places – Moth Equals Remix” by Asta Hiroki, Lylli, Moth Equals
  2. “Safe From Harm” by Massive Attack
  3. “Limb To Limb” by Lapalux, Lilia
  4. “You’re Listening to the Worlds” by Belleruche
  5. “Same” by Smith & Mighty, Tammy Payne
  6. “That Other Girl” by Sevdaliza
  7. “Deep Delirium” by Lamb
  8. “Unpaintable” by Tsar B
  9. “Past Mistake” by Tricky
  10. “How’s That” by FKA twigs
  11. “Midnight In A Perfect World” by DJ Shadow
  12. “Psyche – Flash Treatment” by Massive Attack
  13. “Bright Star – Sunset Mix” by Stimming, Ben Watt, Julia Biel
  14. “Roads” by Portishead

Till next time!


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