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Beat | Side Playlist

Thanks for tuning in last night to another episode of Beat | Side. Technical issues aside, it was a great evening!

Please see the playlist below:

  1. “Cami” by il:lo
  2. “Pollo Sneeps” by Emancipator
  3. “Chimes – Radio Edit” by OTHERLiiNE, George Fitzgerald, Lil Silva
  4. “Heart Beating” by The Geek x Vrv
  5. “Madness to Mayhem” by Amtrac
  6. “Beautiful Escape” by Tom Misch, Zak Abel
  7. “There’s No More Soul feat. Diggs Duke” by Tall Black Guy, Diggs Duke
  8. “In My Car” by Gold Panda
  9. “Catnip” by Korgy & Bass, Cyrus Nabipoor
  10. “Gold Light” by edapollo, Akacia
  11. “Ella” by Kendl
  12. “We Can Be Ghosts Now” by Hiatus

Please join me next week for another set of electro-beats.


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