Hi all!

It was great to be back in the studio sharing some of the best in electronic music, downtempo, lofi, nu jazz and more!

Here is the playlist from April 19th.

  1. “Eleuthera” by Tor*
  2. “Apparition” by Asta Hiroki
  3. “Talia” by O’Flynn
  4. “Moving Forward” by AK
  5. “We are to Answer” by Ancient Astronauts
  6. “Amaat One” by Manatee Commune*
  7. “Love Is The Key” by The Geek x Vrv
  8. “Black Is… (Instrumental)” by Tall Black Guy, Ozay More, Dstl, Sareem Poems & Rich Medina
  9. “the time I couldn’t find you” by AOI
  10. “DELIRIA – Arms and Sleepers Remix” by ERA C
  11. “Tendryl” by Beshken
  12. “Take Your Time” by BOP
  13. “Fluid at Sea” by Mux Mool, Ian Urbina
  14. “Praire” by Katuchat
  15. “Leave” by Teis Ortved
  16. “Mourth” by Emancipator*, Rena Jones and Flowerpulse

Thanks all! Till next time.

*Local Artist

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