Thank you for joining me last Monday for a nicely chilled out set of electronic music, downtempo, loft, nu jazz and more! Here is the playlist:

  1. “Oh.” by Tyde
  2. “Memories in the Moonlight” by Good Lee & Jade Alice
  3. “Throw Stones – Ranie Ribeiro Remix” by Nana Adjoa
  4. “Cascade” by Knowmadic
  5. “Dream Reverb” by Parra for Cuva
  6. “Thus” by Emancipator*, Rena Jones, Flowerpulse
  7. “Razem” by Tęskno, Duit
  8. “Sustenance” by Jafu & B9
  9. “in my mind” by Wallners
  10. “Don’t Worry” by Andrew Applepie & NVDES
  11. “Organism” by Grandbrothers
  12. “While You Dooooo (Extended) by Teebs
  13. “So Fresh” by Cospe
  14. “Kokeshi Doll” by Spazzkid
  15. “Demasow” by Tesk
  16. “Rhetorical” by Barra Brown* & Ben Caiazza*
  17. “Moof!” by Gianni Brezzo

Thanks again! Till next week.


*Local Artists

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