Thanks for joining me for another beat | side, where you can hear some of the best in electronic music, downtempo, lofi, nu jazz, drum’nn’bass and more!

Here is the playlist from Monday, February 22nd:

  1. “You Don’t Know” by Roseau
  2. “That Vibe” by Koresma, Matt May
  3. “Cardboard Castle – Kev Sheridan Remix” by Nana Adjoa
  4. “Departure – Ash Walker Remix” by Kennebeck
  5. “Warming up” by Galcher Lustwerk
  6.  “Trailblazer” by Elder Island
  7. “Even If – Original Mix” by Calibre
  8. “Thunder – Faded Remix” by Ash Walker & Laville
  9. “Hibernal” by Kratos Himself
  10. “No More” by Jafu
  11. “Blood Type” by Turtle, Eliza Shaddad
  12. “Noah” by Barra Brown (local artist)
  13. “Into the 90’s” by Photek
  14. “Endless – Extended Version” by Portico Quartet
  15. “A Minor Life” by sir Was
  16. “Da Funk” by Daft Punk – THANK YOU!!!

Till next time!


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