Hi all, thanks for tuning in to another episode of BEAT | SIDE , where you will hear some of the best in electronic music, downtempo, lo-fi, trip hop, nu jazz and more! Here is the playlist from Monday, November 16th:

  1. “You Never Know” by The Deadbeats
  2. “Sleepwalker – Ambassadeurs Remix” by Nostalgia 77
  3. “Strange Habits – Edited” by Maribou State and Yussef Dayes
  4. “Sabrina” by PawnShop Guy”
  5. “Fuzz Grill” by Zac Love
  6. “Fly Like Birds” by Osvaldo
  7. “AMD (occurian Remix) by Korgy & Bass *
  8. “Nepenthe” by goosetaf and Ian Ewig
  9. “Álom” by Bella Boo
  10. “Wen Uuu” by Shlohmo
  11. “Double Check – Quiet Countries Remix” by Wave Collector *
  12. “Autumn Phase – Little People Edit” by Yppah
  13. “Tangerine Sour” by Emancipator * and 9 Theory
  14. “Pilot Light” by Hermitude
  15. “6000 ft.” by Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
  16. “Heartland” by XOA and Hollie Cook

Thanks! Till next time.


* Local Artist


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