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90’s Rock With Justyn Lewis on Sounds of PDX

90’s rock is a cornerstone in my musical catalog and also considered by many to be a powerful turning point in the music industry. Just over a year ago I meet Justyn Lewis, the guitarist from Kaiya On The Mountain, and we quickly found ourselves talking about early 90’s Alternative and Indie music. We spoke then about having an episode of the show about this very topic and play our favorite tracks from the era. A few weeks back, we were joined by Jen Em to talk a walk down memory lane and chat about all things 90’s rock. Most of the night’s PDX Spotlight playlist featured the icons from the time including Pearl Jam, Temple Of The Dog, Soundgarden, and Radiohead. Justyn brought in some more underground selections like Belle and Sebastian & Uncle Tupelo. The topic of guitarists came up and we got to hear Justyn’s thoughts on the guitar style and tone of the day. His approach to the guitar is heavily influenced by some of the trademark anthemic guitarists from the 90’s. It’s surprising how relevant some of the songs still sounded, this highlights the influence these artists are still having on the industry.

Please enjoy our playlist and interview with Justyn Lewis

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