Thank you for tuning in to another episode of beat | side. This week we slowed down, reflected, and invited positive energy – so needed right now. The chilled out playlist from November 1st is below:

  1. “I’m Scared” by Seba Kaapstad & Oddisee
  2. “THE MIGHTY (feat. Ben Marc)” by Ashley Henry
  3. “Veto” by SOHN
  4. “Circles – Tyde Remix” by Yuki Ame & Tyde
  5. “Grown into You” by Somni
  6. “Loom (feat. Bonobo)” by Ólafur Arnalds & Bonobo
  7. “TRY” by Madison McFerrin
  8. “Mile Marker” by Luvjonez (local artist)
  9. “By” by HNNY
  10. “Demons” by DRWN.
  11. “Clear Skies” by Iambic
  12. “Roll Back – Single Mix” by George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva
  13. “Raw” by Snugsworth (local artist)
  14. “Peaceful Groove” by Teen Daze
  15. “Do the Right Thing” by Bella Boo and Axel Boman
  16. “Love Is the Message” by Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown

Join me again next time!


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