100 episodes of Fresh Spins with Jen Em (part 1)

Maybe you’re fairly new to Fresh Spins with Jen Em. Welcome! All are welcome here, in this Beautiful Music Lovin’ space. Or maybe you’re a long-time fan, and just can’t get enough Freshness in your musical life.

To help you out, here’s a handy complete list of playlist links for the first 100 episodes. Part 1 is episodes 51-100. Part 2 will include episodes 1-50.

In a future post, I will post the links for the playlists that are my personal picks for “Best of” Fresh Spins for 2017 & 2018. The Best of 2019 needs to be boned up a bit – I haven’t added nearly all the songs from 2019 that I super love because I’ve been in full on accumulation mode, and it’s difficult for me to go back and listen to music I’ve played before when that gear kicks in. Plus I’ve loved like, all the songs I’ve played for episodes and episodes now – how does one choose a “best”??

In the meantime, enjoy these hours and hours of music, right here at your fingertips. Thank you for listening to Fresh Spins with Jen Em ~ I’ll catch you on the airwaves.

~ Jen Em


FSJE ep 100
FSJE ep 99
FSJE ep 98
FSJE ep 97
FSJE ep 96
FSJE ep 95
FSJE ep 94
FSJE ep 93
FSJE ep 92
FSJE ep 91
FSJE ep 90
FSJE ep 89
FSJE ep 88
FSJE ep 87
FSJE ep 86
FSJE ep 85
FSJE ep 84
FSJE ep 83
FSJE ep 82
FSJE ep 81
FSJE ep 80
FSJE ep 79
FSJE ep 78
FSJE ep 77
FSJE ep 76
FSJE ep 75
FSJE ep 74
FSJE ep 73
FSJE ep 72
FSJE ep 71
FSJE ep 70
FSJE ep 69
FSJE ep 68
FSJE ep 67
FSJE ep 66
FSJE ep 65
FSJE ep 64
FSJE ep 63
FSJE ep 62
FSJE ep 61
FSJE ep 60
FSJE ep 59
FSJE ep 58
FSJE ep 57
FSJE ep 56
FSJE ep 55
FSJE ep 54
FSJE ep 53
FSJE ep 52
FSJE ep 51


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