Podcast-Logo-Social-Purpose-Works_450Social Purpose Works Podcast

2nd Sundays: 4:30 p.m.

The SPW Podcast is powered by an innovative program  of the same name, which was created in partnership by Metropolitan Family Service (MFS). The podcast aims to raise awareness of how professionally skilled citizens can support nonprofits in need and move missions forward. Episodes will cover how these volunteer exchanges empower nonprofits, change lives, and help build strong communities.

What is Social Purpose Works?

Social Purpose Works (SPW) is the latest innovative program offering of Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), a Portland social service agency since 1950. SPW is ready to help nonprofits and professionally skilled volunteers find each other and move missions forward.

Why Social Purpose Works for Nonprofits?

Social Purpose Works recruits professionals willing to apply their expertise on short-term, high impact capacity projects. And best of all, this is affordable with a modest project recruitment fee and then the professional is pro bono—they provide their services for free.  Compare this to standard consulting for professional services.

Why Social Purpose Works for a Pro Bono Professional?

Giving back to your community by applying your professional skills can create lasting impact. There are many benefits to contributing your time and expertise to a nonprofit project. It’s also well-researched and reported that staying connected to a “purpose” can have improved health and social benefits, along with the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done.


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