Double Arts and Culture Dollars

As with recycling, beach access, vote-by-mail and weed, Oregonians have charted their own course to fund arts and culture: a unique tax incentive meant to double the dollars donated to nonprofit organizations.

It’s been more than a decade since the first cultural tax credit took effect in Oregon, allowing donors to make their gift count twice. Since the first year, 2002, when Oregonians kicked in $1.5 million, the Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT) permanent fund has grown to $25 million today. More than 1400 arts, music and other cultural organizations across the state – including Portland Radio Project – are eligible for the tax credit match.

Here’s how it works: You donate to your favorite cultural nonprofit. (For a list of participating organizations, or to search for a nonprofit, visit the the OCT website.) When you donate the same amount to the OCT, within limits, you can take that same amount off your state taxes. Individuals can get a tax credit up to $500. Couples, up to $1000, and Class C corporations up to $2,500.

OCT Manager Aili Schreiner dropped in at the PRP studio Monday to talk about the unique cultural tax credit, and the importance of donating to nonprofit organizations. Listen to the podcast:


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